Valorant Champions Tour 2024: A Comprehensive Preview

Jan 8, 2024 | 0 comments

The Valorant esports scene is set for an exciting year in 2024, with the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) revealing a packed calendar of international tournaments and significant changes in the competitive structure.

Expanded Tournament Structure and New Additions

  • Three Stages of Competition: The VCT 2024 is divided into three distinct categories – Premier, Challengers, and International. Each stage plays a specific role in the competitive hierarchy, with Premier acting as the entry point, Challengers as a stepping stone, and International showcasing the best teams globally.
  • Valorant Premier: This stage occurs in three parts throughout the year, offering teams multiple opportunities for promotion.
    • Valorant Premier 1: January to April
    • Valorant Premier 2: May to August
    • Valorant Premier 3: September to December
  • Valorant Challengers: Spanning the entire year, this stage includes playoffs from February to April and May to August, followed by Ascension in August to September, and preparation for VCT 2025 from October to December.

International Tournaments and Locations

  • VCT 2024 Kick-Off Tournament: Beginning in January and extending into February, this tournament marks the start of the international circuit.
  • Valorant Masters Madrid: Set for March in Madrid, Spain, this tournament is one of the highlights of the VCT.
  • Valorant Masters Shanghai: Scheduled for May in Shanghai, China, offering a global stage for top-tier competition.
  • Valorant Champions: Slated for August, this tournament is expected to be a pinnacle event of the year.
  • Valorant Game Changers Championship: In November, focusing on showcasing diverse talents in the Valorant scene.

Enhancements and Global Expansion

VCT 2024 promises a fuller competitive calendar compared to its 2023 counterpart. The introduction of new teams, a new region joining the official league, and the innovative concept of Championship Points are set to enhance the overall competitive experience. Additionally, the international league will feature a total of seven tournaments, underlining Riot Games’ commitment to expanding the global footprint of Valorant esports​​.

As Valorant esports continues to evolve, 2024 stands as a year of growth, innovation, and intensified global competition. With the expanded tournament structure and new additions to the league, fans can anticipate a year filled with high-octane gameplay and emerging narratives in the world of Valorant.


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